“Working under another leaders’ vision or another companies control would not be a good mix for me.”

Even as a young boy, Nick always knew he wanted to build something of his own. When his teachers viewed his self-drive and certainty as negative traits, he didn’t let that bring him down.

Now, at the age of 25, Nick Cohen is the CEO and founder of We Are PCR, an ogranisation that provides IT support and services. Headquartered in Scotland, We Are PCR offers server support and maintenance, disaster recovery, project management, infrastructure design, desktop support and IT consultancy for business.


At the moment most of the company’s clients are based in the west of Scotland and surrounding areas, however, Nick has big plans to expand to the whole of the UK. Having only just begun the journey to expansion, the process is expected to start rolling during the first quarter of 2016. After conquering UK, Nick doesn’t stop there. His next goal is to go international.

Taking risks…

You can’t succeed or get anywhere in life without taking some sort of risk, even in business. Especially in business.

“The aim is we shouldn’t risk it all but at the same time, a little risk and pressure always gets people achieving results.”

However, to minimise the collateral damage that comes with taking certain risks, We Are PCR devised a plan. They build small business units so that when anything new is launched it is contained within a single business unit. Experience and instinct have also helped the company calculate and avoid any risks.

Supporting the youth…

Being a young entrepreneur himself, Nick is always encouraging other young people to consider enterprise. As the National Director for Young Enterprise Scotland, he has put himself in a position to do just that. Nick believes that what we need is to build a self-sustaining economy consisting of businesses of all sizes, with far less dependency on large corporates propping up the bulk of our workforce.

Some advice…

To aspiring young entrepreneurs, Nick says:

“Go for it, never look back.”

It is important to get the right people behind you for support. Don’t be afraid to get things wrong and make mistakes, that’s how you learn. He also urges young people to trust their instincts.