Empowering the next generation of journalists.

The IPF (International Press Foundation) empowers the next generation of journalists to tell the stories that they think should make it onto the news agenda.

With contributors from all around the world, we provide a platform for young people to shine a light on the voices behind the headlines. We work with those aged 16-30 to train them to effectively tell stories from their countries by giving them the tools they need to flourish as journalists. 

Through the IPF, young people are given the chance to practice real-world journalism, as well as highlight important stories from around the world that might have been overlooked by mainstream media. In a world where the media is run by a select group of people, the IPF is here to put the power back in young people’s hands.

All IPF contributors receive the guidance they need to find stories, interview sources, and write articles – and do so in a way that grabs the attention of people worldwide. We believe that everyone has an important story to tell. We want to enable young people to find and tell these stories.

The IPF’s background and achievements

Founded in 2012, the IPF originally began as a blogging platform for young people to share their opinions on international political events. We were the winners of the Virgin Media Pioneers trip to India to meet Richard Branson and also ran projects like Libyan Youth Voices, which garnered international attention during the aftermath of the Arab Spring.

Young journalists who have written for the IPF have gone on to be associated with:

And many others…

What our contributors say about the IPF

“As a journalist, the IPF has helped me increase my portfolio. I get to write about stories that matter to me and, at the same time, connect with other journalists from around the world… and see my articles published, shared and liked by readers. It’s an empowering platform for journalists starting off their careers.”

– Isabela Vrba, 23

“The IPF is a great platform where I can write about topics I am interested in. It has also helped me understand what I could improve in my pieces. In a more formal journalistic setting, you don’t often get feedback. Being able to know what could be improved is extremely important for professional growth. As a journalism student who is not yet fully integrated in the industry, having my articles published is also a great opportunity to improve my online presence.”

– Fabiana De Giorgio, 23

“My own generation often purposely turns away from topics that I consider completely essential to be talked about. The IPF especially engages that generation. The IPF is not just about news value, it’s about constructive criticism, empathy and first person narratives. I have enjoyed building a network with people at the IPF that I know share my love for journalism. It has helped me to see that there are many others like me that care about the planet and its people and want to use their skills to make it a better place.”

– Sina Stieding, 27

“My decision to join the IPF as a contributor was guided by the enriching opportunity to interact and work with passionate youth from across the world. Working with the IPF has made me appreciate a wide range of subjective perspectives, and equally stand true to certain journalistic ethos. The time has only made me grow and learn different ways to effectively communicate a particular argument or news story to a larger audience.” 

– Arpita Mitra, 22