IPF Careers has been designed to provide young people with the tools they need to kickstart their careers in the media, charity and development sectors.

Spotlight On…

Spotlight On...Spotlight On… features the stories of young professionals in the media, charity and development sectors. They document their entire journey from how they got the job, the highs and lows of the role, as well as how they hope to progress in their careers.

Through their experiences, young people are able to gain an insight into how to break into the industry – from someone who did it not long before them.


IPF Mentorship Scheme

IPF Mentorship Scheme


The IPF Mentorship Scheme offers young people a chance to get peer-to-peer mentorship from young professionals working in the media, charity and development sectors.

All our mentors are between the ages of 23 and 30, which means that they are in the early stages of their careers and able to offer mentees useful advice on how to break into the industry. Apart from providing mentees with useful information about the career they want to create for themselves, mentors are also available to provide CV and cover letter advice, as well as teach mentees everything they wish they knew when they were trying to get to where they are now.


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