Today’s youth care deeply about the environment. But when it comes to going vegan, we struggle. Follow three young people as they participate in Veganuary – highlighting the highs, the lows, the expectations and the setbacks, in an honest portrayal of a young person’s journey towards veganism.

In January 2017, the IPF team will be going vegan for one month.

Priyanka Mogul, Adriana De Sousa Calado and Aurore Kaddachi are participating in Veganuary, a worldwide campaign inspiring people to try vegan in January to reduce the suffering of animals.



Why is the IPF going vegan?

The topic of animal agriculture and it’s impact on the environment has come up a lot in 2016 among young people. As a generation, we’re starting to become more and more aware of the impact meat and dairy products have on our planet.

While many of us have switched to a meat-free diet, going vegan has almost entirely been dismissed as “too difficult” by many in our social circles.

The IPF team wanted to use Veganuary to highlight the reality of what it means to go vegan. Along with the challenges it brings – and we want to be very honest about those – we also aim to bust some myths about veganism and, hopefully, show our peers that it isn’t as difficult as they thought it was.

Who is taking part? 

Priyanka Mogul, Editor-in-Chief of the IPF, is a 23-year-old living in London. Her Veganuary period will be spent across three countries – India, Italy and the United Kingdom – and she will show the contrast between being vegan in each country. She eats meat every now and then, has never been completely vegetarian, and has never considered going vegan – until now.

Adriana De Sousa Calado, Environment Campaigns Manager of the IPF, is a 23-year-old living in London. She will spend Veganuary in the United Kingdom and Czech Republic, where people love their meat. She has tried to be vegan once before, but was unsuccessful at the time and hopes that this time will go better.

Aurore Kaddachi, Deputy Environment Editor of the IPF, is a 22-year-old living in London. She will spend Veganuary in the United Kingdom, highlighting ways for other young people in the city to make full use of the opportunities available to them when it comes to vegan food. She is already vegetarian and eats very few dairy products. Her only weakness is cheese.

How can I follow their journey? 

The IPF team will post a weekly video with highlights from their week. You can find the videos on our Facebook page, YouTube channel and on

Can I participate as well? 

If you’re aged 16-30 and want to try your hand at going vegan as well, get in touch with us! You’ll be joining a community of young people who are all trying veganism and will receive support from us, as well as friends to help you along the way.

If you’re above the age of 30, please sign up through the official Veganuary campaign website.

To find out more about Veganuary, visit their website, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook